Friday, June 22, 2007

Plugin of custom actions

Open Contacts v4.1 Beta is released to introduce extensibility. Open Contacts will allow the end users of different programming skills and professional software houses to develop plugin programs in order to utilize contact data with other programs.

The designs of the interfaces of the action plugin considered the follow factors:

  • Simplicity. The programming interfaces must be simple and easy to maintain. The interface functions should be limited, and the plugin will not change the overall user interfaces too much.
  • Easiness. The development of the plugin program does not necessarily require professional development tools like Delphi or Visual Studio. The programming interfaces address the needs of users of different programming skills. From computer literates to programmers, they are going to find a suitable form of development.
  • Extensibility. The infrastructure of the plug-in will allow the developers to construct the development through simple delegations.

As results, now the end users can construct plugin programs using URL queries, vbscript, executable program and dll program.

For more details, please refer to the Developer section.