Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Letters about Misc.

Lee Stoddard wrote:

Great program and have been using it for close to a year. Just came across a need to enter a suffix after the last name. ie Jr Sr I see no option or drop down to add this to the display. Currently have added as Lastname(Jr) but doesn't seem proper as I have to edit when sending an email or creating labels. Any suggestions or maybe an enhancement in a future release.

Lee Stoddard

Just create a new field called suffix, probably make this field be a predefined one. When making labels, export this field as well.

Lee Stoddard wrote:
Yes, I can add a new field but this can only be added in a section. I would like it to be added along with the name and surname locations so it can be displayed in the name list. I added it manually in the name field and then it puts the last name in the middle name, and the suffix as the surname. I can then clear the middle name and add the last name and suffix manually as the surname. I just thought it might be better to have an option to show this separate field somehow in the name display as many people have a suffix associated with their legal name. Ie Jr Sr I II III . The Title field I expect is used for Mr Ms and would show at the beginning of the name. The suffix shows after and might possibly also be used for degrees such as MD etc. Using my work around I might run out of field length on the surname in some cases. We don't appear to have any options to make changes in this area. In any case this works for now and is still the best software for this applications I have found.

I understand what you want. However, we had considered this before day 1, and decided to have suffix if desired be dynamic field, regarding to the balance with many other factors.

Ed Philpott wrote:
I want to import several data files into OC and I want them to be assigned to a particular Category. Is there a way to assign a Category during the Import function? Perhaps this could be part of the template.

What you requested was there since day 1, and this had nothing to do with a template.