Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Open to the Future

The reasons why we selected the name "Open Contacts" for our product was because of the philosophy behind the development of the product:

  • Open to the future. More fields will be added by us or by you, as you might have other info to input in the future. The program will adapt new data fields, and new ways of communication.
  • Open to other applications. The program will interact with other desktop applications and Web applications, through inbound and outbound interfaces.
  • Open to users' choices of freedom. We may or may not provide all-in-one solution in the future, however, we respect your choice of other complementary applications, and the freedom to moving away to other higher end programs. We don't lock you and We are open to your choices.

Providing dynamic fields as the building block of your dynamic contact info is one of distinct features of Open Contacts. With the dynamic action button upon highlighted data field, new ways of interacting with other programs can be introduced without making the user interfaces more complicated.

As described in the product home page, Open Contacts can import data from large varieties of data sources, and interact with different Email programs, Skype and Google Maps etc. In addition, the program provides COM interfaces for other programs to cooperate. Birthday Reminder is a good example.

Open Contacts can export selected contacts to other format: simple text, XML, HTML, vCard and LDIF, preserving most contact info. Only those data fields not supported in other formats will not be used. Thus, you will be free to sync data to other programs/platforms, or move your whole contact management to a highlander program you desire in the future.